PMII Banten Is Ready To Take Care Of The Ideology Of Ahlusunnah Wal Jamaah

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SERANG, SULAWESIPOS.COM – The Branch Committee (PKC) of the Islamic Student Movement (PMII) of Banten Province held an Inauguration, Management Orientation, and Regional Work Meeting (Rakerda) in the Banten Provincial Office of the Ministry of Religion, KP3B Curug Kota Serang, Thursday (12/27).

Present at the event were Members of the National Council of Trustees (Mabinas) PB PMII KH Matin Syarkowi, Chairperson of the Regional Council of Trustees (Mabinda) PKII Banten PKC H Bazary Syam, Chairperson of Banten Provincial Ulema Council (MUI) KH M. Romly, Secretary General PB PMII Sabolah Al Kalamby, Banten GP Ansor Chairman Ahmad Nuri, Chairman of Banten PMII IKA Erdi Bachtiar, dozens of PMII Banten alumni, and hundreds of PMII cadres from all regions in Banten Province.

The administrators were sworn in and inaugurated directly by PB Secretary General PMII Sabolah Al-Kalamby with the initiation of a prayer ceremony. In his remarks, Chairman of the PMII Banten CCP, Ahmad Solahudin, said the role of PMII for the nation and regional nation must continue to be present.

According to him, after Indonesian independence, the student group as the central axis had not yet seen significant results.

The key said he, there must be an elaboration between PMII, the policy makers and the Banten community. The effort was made so that what was decided by the government was truly present for the people.

“We as a student group, which must continually be done which is having a role in society, post-independence, we are still in the process of transition,” he said.

According to him, the PMII extended family had to synergize with all elements of society so that the ideology of the Ahlusunnah wal Jamaah remained in the hearts of the Indonesian people.

“PMII who has aspirations wants to prosper the people and wants to continue to prosper the Jamaah Ahlusunah as our ideology,” he said.

He asked for prayer to be able to hold the mandate for the period 2018-2020. Thus, PMII continues to be able to place its role in the community.

Meanwhile, Mabinda PMII H Bazary Syam, stressed that PMII was an organization born in the womb of the Nahdlatul Ulama. So, it must be the next generation of Nahdlatul Ulama in the future.

“PMII is a NU cadre, be a good cadre, the cadre must be communicative. As great as any PMII cadre must communicate well,” he said.

He felt proud because the NU Banom in Banten was compact and maintained unity. According to him, in other countries it is not as good as in Banten Indonesia, in Indonesia, he said, even though the times are cyberspace but Indonesians still care for meetings in the real world.

“if people forget the real world, then he will be a loser,” he said (Abdul Rahman Ahdori / Abdullah Alawi)

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